søndag 5. desember 2010

Christmas Market at Blå

Another successful, lovely and cold day at the market. Eivind sold some books and Katharina was selling her beautiful BootCats(Støvlekatter). For you who don't know what a BootCat is, let me explain; A BootCat is fabric sewed in the shape of a two legged cat with REALLY long legs. The feet or paws are filled with sand, which makes the cat stable and when you put the cat in your long boots, it makes the boots stand up-right instead of lying all over the floor. I'm sorry to say I didn't take any pictures of these lovely and practical creations of Katharina. So, if you want to see one and maybe even buy one, you should come to our stand on the next Christmas market 19th of December! Eivind and I are also selling our illustrated Christmas Cards.

This Sunday a little boy told me he had fallen in love with my teddybears and bought 2 and a little owl. I have a little collector! What a sweetheart!!!

My teddybears are going through a mutation at the moment. Next time there will be a bit more variety in characters... I feel like Dr. Frankenstein..hehe..

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