søndag 9. januar 2011

New Year, New Hair and a New Studio Space!!!!

Happy New Year, people!!Here's pic from New Years Eve taken from my balcony.

My hair isn't actually that 'new', it's just grown a lot(!) over Christmas, must be all the lovely Christmas beer or Juleøl as we call it here in Norway. It's suppose to be good for hair growth, the legend has it.

And...my best friend has left the country!!! It's a bit empty here in Oslo without her. Like the birds, she moved to a warmer climate with her sweetheart. It's for a whole year (at least)... I'm drowning my sorrows by eating all her leftover Christmas cookies. But it's not all sad (though I miss her a lot). You see, she and her lovely man has been so generous and let me use a room in their apartment as a studio space. It's brilliant, lots of light, space and a really high ceiling. So, this means I'm going to be painting like mad- huge, massive, fantastic paintings!! Well, that's my ambition. I'll keep you all posted on how the production is going.

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